WW Seedsman Tasting THC CBG TEST

WW Seedsman Tasting THC CBG TEST


WW Seedsman Tasting THC CBG TEST culminates the grand finale of the entire process in growing this strain of medicinal cannabis.

First we will see a summary of the entire crop



10 days after harvesting , the flowers were dried and prepared for the curing process , in glass jars . The texture and feel of flowers, predicting an excellent herb..


WW Seedsman grow report strain review

White Widow Seedsman grow report

IMGP0093 2

IMGP0091 2

1 month later, when you open the pot for the first time , you realize your strong , citrusy and spicy at the same time … very pungent smell ..

White Widow Seedsman grow strain

White Widow Seedsman trichomes harvest macro

At 2 months , becomes irresistible to pinch the bud , when I’m done taking pictures .. buds completely covered in trichomes . It really is an herb with a very defined and extremely strong odor. When you carve a strong smell of sweet pine is found in citrus syrup

White Widow Seedsman grow review

White Widow Seedsman bud macro grow report strain review

I must admit my habit to smoke hash polm directly in a small glass pipe .. is a great way to smoke the resin in its purest scents , no additional process .. just polm hash, dry extracted with a ” pyramid bag ” of those who come in washing to make Bubble hash .. this exquisitely highlights the citrus odor . In short , great flavor with incredible pegada.su high content of THC, makes the perfect treat for the big moments without much need for concentration. A large cannabis caviar to enjoy a pipe or bong ..

WW polm hash Trichome World

At this point , we must analyze the content of this great strain .

White Widow Seedsman grow review


But first of all, I want to thank Sébastien and the great team of Alpha -CAT its full cooperation to make the cannabinoid test specifically for us in our city. It’s been a great pleasure to have her experience and perfect knowledge of the product in order to develop an easy way to test the percentage of the major cannabinoids.




This is the regular KIT .. they market to between 10 and 40 test ..

analysis SAMPLE

WW Seedsman Tasting THC CBD TEST

White Widow Seedsman maro bud


(A larger more odor)

White Widow Seedsman taste

Rated 1 to 5 ..

Ease of cultivation : 1 5 Very Easy Very Difficult

Attached to smoke it : 1 5 Very Strong Too Loose

Taste: 1 Very Poor 5 Very Good

rate White Widow Seedsman

With White Widow  I’m really happy , beautiful buds coated in trichomes.
In the tests I did before .. In a sample got 19% and another 17.5 %. It is a great strain .
Also add that taste it in polm hash is irresistible.


Thank you for reading

I see you in the next report .. 😉


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  1. Dingus

    I’m hyped! my white widow has just begun flowering and so has my cbd crew critical mass! Both strains you’ve done cannabinoid analysis tests! I hope my cuts will perform as good as yours. 18% thc & the little spice of .5% thc-v tho! 😉

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