WW regular Seedsman week 6


WW regular Seedsman week 6


Welcome to Week 6 of WW Regular Seedsman

Currently, we have 5 females well identified, and 2 unsexed plants.

Very large plants, so being in small containers, get very thirsty to the next watered.

The EC along the week has been between 1.2 – 1.6

Now, review all white widow plants, specifying the size of the container, and the EC of the substrate of the last watered.




1.2 EC / 1.5L pot


1.4 EC / 2L pot


1.2 EC / 1L pot


1.5 EC / 2L pot


1.4 EC / 1.5L pot




1.3 EC / 1.5L pot


1.4 EC / 1.5L pot


See you in week 7
Enjoy the day


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