White Widow

White Widow

White Widow


This strain appeard in Holland at the beginning of the 1990’s and quickly became a hit in all the coffee shops and not long after around the globe. It is a potent cross of a Brasilian and an Indian sativa. Its name stems from its immense crystal production that makes it shine and glimmer. White Widow can be grown both indoors and outdoors finishing indoors in around 8 weeks and outdoors in late October. This is a great strain for wannabe breeders. It is an easy to grow strain with a very strong sativa effect.

Additional Information

  • Breeder     Seedsman
  • Genetics     Indian/Brazilian
  • Variety     Mostly Sativa
  • Sex     Feminised
  • Grows     Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
  • Flowering Time     8 Weeks
  • Harvest Month     End of October

Test Planning

The next test will consist of:

  • Germination test > 10 seeds
  • Growth, in 1 Liter Pots firdt stage, until transplant -> 5 seeds
  • Bloom, in 7/11 Liter Pots, to harvest > only 3 choosed seeds
  • Harvest, drying / curing and tasting notes
  • Finish with the analysis of THC and CBD of samples obtained ..

The updates will be weekly post:

  1. Germination
  2. Week One
  3. Week Two
  4. Week Three

The test is to be performed with basic equipment:

  • 400w HPS
  • Extractor / Intractor 150
  • 1 FAN “3 speed”
  • 1 Humidifier for 1st stage
  • Substrate PEAT MOSS from Turbas y Coco Mar Menor and specific fertilizers for cannabis

White Widow

So much for the presentation of the test …

Thanks for your visit and see you in germination.

Good smoke.


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    1. Trich-world Post author

      Seedsman White Widow, I can only say that is a very great strain, but that has already been seen in this grow report.
      This weekend we will publish the results of the tests have been performed these days the members of Alpha Cat
      If one day, we tried your version, we can compare which of the two delivers better results.

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