White Widow Seedsman week 13

White Widow Seedsman


The White Widow Seedsman reach the end of their cycle … This is your last week, we could have harvested some of them but I preferred to delay the harvest until next week to cut at a time …


IMGP0020 (2)


They have been producing large flowers and resin ..


IMG_2191 (2)


And although there have been a little stressed out from washing roots, continue to show all his power ..


IMGP0012 (2)


Great genetics, this cannabis strain
Let’s look…


Modified by CombineZP

IMGP0014 (2)


And this is all … return with the harvest next week … enjoy and thanks for the visit



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      1. Trich-world Post author

        Thanks for the clarification, it makes me happy to know that someone reads all words among so many picture, I would not have made that mistake in many posts, sorry because of the shock 😉
        PS: Do not hesitate to give me a campion when you see another, but do not be angry if you see many. Enjoy visits

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