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White Widow Seedsman week 7 grow journal

White Widow Seedsman week 7


White Widow Seedsman week 7


Welcome to Week 7 of the White Widow Seedsman under LED

This week we finish sexing. In total we have 5 females for 9 sprouts. It is very good result considering the harsh conditions of sexing, high mass and small containers … more optimal conditions, the result might have been even more positive.

White Widow Seedsman week 7


The weather during the 4 weeks that lasted sexing has been between 22 – 30Cº. The humidity between 60 – 70%. Strong internal ventilation. The EC between 1.2 and 1.9 with an overall average above 1.4.

Comment that against the decision he had made ​​to not transplant to 6 liters, I’ve changed my mind.

So for this gene, so far we have:

3 plants 6L


2 plants in 2L


This is all
See you in Week 8

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