White Widow Germination

 White Widow

 White Widow

Seedsman seeds

Germination test

Thursday 24th… 4 am

WW Seedsman

Hydrate 10  seeds in water at pH 6 for 12 hours..

 W Widow strain review

Once hydrated, seeds have swelled and sunk in the water .. Put between two moist paper towels

Saturday 26th at 7pm

 White Widow strain review

White Widow Seedsman strain review

Widow Seedsman review

white widow


Introduce roots in  Substrate PEAT MOSS from Turbas y Coco Mar Menor


We do it in 1 liter pots a few millimeters in depth


Monday 28th.. 00:30 am

They begin to sprout


White Widow Seedsman strain review

Result:  100% germination .. 100% fast

We ended the germination

See you in the next update .. first week

Thanks for the visit


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