White Widow Auto

White Widow Auto



Seedsman extensive catalog and soon will bring to market a new line of  autoflowering cannabis strains. We are pleased to present on trichome-world testing of these new strains. In this review we will see develop the world famous White Widow in auto version.


Test Planning

The next test will consist of:

  • Germination test -> Germinate 10 seeds and select 5 seeds
  • Growth in final pot FELTPOT 3.6L until the end of cultivation -> 5 seeds.
  • Bloom, selection of 3 plants for flowering.
  • Harvest, drying / curing and tasting notes
  • Finish with the analysis of THC and CBD of samples obtained ..

The updates will be weekly post:

  1. Germination test.
  2. Week One
  3. Week Two
  4. Week Three

The test is to be performed with basic equipment:

  • 200w CFL 6400k for 1st stage.
  • 600w HPS
  • Intractor 100
  • Extractor 125
  • 1 FAN “3 speed”
  • 1 Humidifier for 1st stage
  • Sustrate LIGHT MIX of THE PEAT MOSS EXPERIENCE + HUMUS and specific fertilizers for cannabis.
  • Pots FELTPOT 3,5L

So much for the presentation of the test …

Thanks for your visit and see you in germination.


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