White Widow Auto Week 4

White Widow Auto. Week 4

This week, we will see a big change in the White Widow Auto, with the beginning of the preflowering and the rapid development so they are having these auto strains. They have developed a long and strong arms with which to support the weight of future buds.



Feb. 5 – DAY 22th

Start of preflowering on some plants.


Feb. 7 – DAY 24th

2nd irrigation fertilizer growth + stimulator roots. 500ml/plant.

All have already begun to bloom.

The measures at the start of pre-flowering

White Widow #1 25cm.
White Widow #2 23cm.
White Widow #3 17cm.
White Widow #4  24cm.
White Widow #5  25cm.

Feb. 11 – DAY 28th

Irrigation water 500ml/plant.


We stopped using the root stimulator. Cleaning is done all floors from 1 knot to oxygenate the lower parts of the plants within the indoor, avoid possible diseases to the plant by excessive moisture and lack of ventilation, and increased development of the upper branches.
We stopped using the humidifier.

This concludes the summary of this week.

Next week we will make the selection of the top 3 copies to complete this test. Don’t miss it!!.

See you in the next . Week 5


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