White Widow Auto Week 1

White Widow Auto Week 1

After germination test ( 100% ) I select the fasters 5 seeds of White Widow Auto in germinate. Those who weren’t selected were placed in 0.25 L pots for possible replacements. All are placed in their final pots and enter the indoor with 200w CFL.

The substrate used is the new range LIGHT MIX of PEAT MOSS EXPERIENCE.

As pot we use containers FELTPOT GEO POT will be the first time we use them in Trichome-World and expect great results.


Pot of felt textile Geo high performance polyester made ​​1st quality and made ​​with nylon yarn for all types of plants and trees.

Ideal for outdoor / indoor, for drip irrigation systems, immersion, hydroponics, aeroponics, water, wicks and decanting.

Patented model.


– Free Movement and constant flow of oxygen to the roots.

– Increased interaction with water and fertilize.

– Prevents PH variation in stagnant water in the container.

– Allows chlorine to evaporate water irrigation.

– Isolate the cold in winter, avoiding freezing of roots.

– Heat – insulation in summer air circulation at the roots and avoid allowing them to cook.

– Top Caps, coating the substrate, geotextile felt.

– Avoid endless roots – fixing and promulgates small supply.

– Better drainage and irrigation water dispersion through the felt.

– Improves significantly faster growth of the plant in a vegetative state.

– Shortens weeks flowering.

0_tiesto FELTPOT


DAY 1- 15 January.

All seeds have come out already ground, assemble the humidifier to regulate the humidity inside the indoor.



Showered soft spray. Root stimulant + water.

DAY 2-16 January.

Showered soft spray. Water + root stimulant.

DAY 3-17 January.

Showered soft spray. Water + root stimulant.


DAY 5-19 January.

Showered soft spray. Water + root stimulant.

DAY 7-21 January.

First full irrigation water ph 6.4 + growth fertilizer (organic ) + root stimulator.

Change indoor lighting 200w CFL to 600w HPS.


We ended the first week, see you in the next. WEEK 2.


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