White Widow Auto. Germination Test.

White Widow Auto. Germination Test.

White Widow Auto. Seedsman

In this post I will explain how the process has been germinated in the test we conducted in Trichome -World this new autoflowering genetics that will soon bring to market Seedsman, the seeds bank  .

DAY 1 – 11 January 01.30a.m

Hydration water with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide . (20h approx. )


20.30p.m – Step wet wipes . Inside a DVD case and placed inside the propagator at 22-24 ° C temperature .


DAY 2 – 12 January 19.30p.m

Hydration spray .

Number of sprouts so far:  1/10

DAY 3 -13 January 21.30p.m


Seed selection and put ashore.
Feltpot 3.5 L pots filled with substrate Peat Moss Light + vermicompost .

I talk about them in the next post. Not miss it !

Showered with atomizer. Water + root stimulator .

DAY 5 – 15 January 21.00

All plants are off the ground and concludes the germination test .

Test result : 100 % Germination

See you in the next post , WEEK 1


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