Velvet Bud Seedsman strain info grow week 5

Velvet Bud Seedsman

strain info grow week 5


Velvet Bud Seedsman cannabis grow report led


Welcome to the fifth week of this Velvet Bud Seedsman strain info grow led 200w. A very rough week, who for various problems, will put to test the stability of this gene, and the other five that accompany it. i have been three problems, or rather, technical failures.
First, the first day, I check the pH meter has a deviation of +0.4, so at least the last watering of the fourth week, some plants have been able to receive 5.6 Ph.
Second, the second day of the week, failure timer LED panels, just the one day, I close the door of the room before checking the light is off, damn coincidence, damn bad luck. I did not see until open the door of the room, too hot to have been 12 hours without light. Here I had a dilemma, what to do? plants took 24 hours with the lights, continue 12 hours it seems crazy, so I decided to turn 24 hours. We’ll see if this affects the dreaded bananas.
Third and last problem, one panel has 15 LEDs off in the middle. This is the second issue of these panels in 15 months, the first being to the first 6 months, bad taste with the choice I made. Proposed solution I see that now, because again put me trouble to send me a replacement driver finally did, but terminating the guarantee of 2 years. For now I have sent notification, have to wait. The problem was another panel, so it should take charge. I am truly disappointed with these panels. When you spend € 1,400 on three panels of 200W, it is assumed that you will receive quality components, and sincerely, it does not seem, driver burned in 6 months, 15 leds fade in 14 months .. only 3 crops two problems.
HPS I’ve never had problems in four years, even in summer temperatures of 45 C °. In contrast, these LEDs have never exceeded 37 C °, so I have no doubt, poor quality. Wastage of euros. Do not waste your money with Sonlight BRAND.


led problems SONLIGHT bad panel led


Well, reviewed general issues, I will talk focusing on this gene.

The three plants continue their progress towards flowering, however, is the strain most visibly affected by the lowering of Ph, showing yellowed, at the top, two of the plants. The structure, columnar, remains very similar in all three, this with excellent height for indoor, makes this strain of cannabis a great choice, to grow in SOG.


Seedsman grow reports led


Watering every 3 days, EC 0.4, but One with 1ml / L root stimulator

Temperatures 26-29Cº 51-76%

Take a look


Velvet Bud Seedsman strain info grow week 5



IMG_2567 2



IMG_2581 2



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I see you in the first week
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