Velvet Bud Seedsman marijuana grow report – Germination


Velvet Bud Seedsman
marijuana grow report LED  Germination


Welcome to Velvet Bud Seedsman marijuana grow report LED 200w. In this post we will see germination 5 feminized seeds of this strain.


Velvet Bud Seedsman cannabis grow report LED


Velvet Bud cannabis seed macro closeup

First step: I put 5 seeds in a plastic cup with water pH 6.0 0.4 EC for 18 hours


Velvet Bud Seedsman cannabis seed germination water cup pic


Second step: The seeds are hydrated, it’s time to put the seeds in a damp napkin. On this occasion decided to roll them vertically put, this way the excess moisture, if any, slides to the bottom of the glass. I also think you can better stimulate the development of the root in the early hours due to its vertical position, but it is just my thought.


IMG_0021 2


Step Three: Past 36 hours, the five seed roots had developed some mm to 2 cm. It’s time to put on the substrate, for the first few days I decided to put in clear plastic cups, this way I can see the development of roots during these days.


Velvet Bud Seedsman germination seeds macro



Velvet Bud Seedsman marijuana grow report LED


In the next 36 hours had sprouted


Velvet Bud Seedsman sprouting weed seeds


Velvet Bud feminized seeds grow review pics

Day 9..  5 beautiful baby already had prepared for a very special trip.


Velvet Bud Seedsman weed grow strain review led




Result germination test:
100% germination, simple and fast.
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