Velvet Bud Seedsman grow report led week 9

Velvet Bud Seedsman grow report led week 9


Velvet Bud Seedsman grow report led week 9


Welcome to Week 9 this Velvet Bud Seedsman grow report led 200w. As the temperatures continue to drop, fresh citrus scent emane from flowers of the big white lady. However, these days three plants now show the same problem, I think it’s calcium, I am watering with osmosis water to 50% mixed with normal water, which has 0.8 EC, this way I get 0.4. Perhaps it is a variety that requires a lot of calcium, which would explain why it has been the most affected by the problem of low pH in Week 5, the calcium is better assimilated in a range of 6.5 up. So to facilitate the entry of calcium into the following risks I will adjust to pH 6.7, while this week have risen to 0.8 EC. The most affected remains the trefoil, which has followed the overlapping leaflets and white lady that started this week. I hope I can stop this in the coming days, but visually it has been a blow to the upper parts ..


IMG_3860 Velvet Bud flowering indoor led


Velvet Bud Seedsman growing indoor winter led


Velvet Blue


Temperature: 14-21 ° C and 53-65%
At the moment, the ideal would switch to HPS or put heating, but are very difficult times, it is now impossible, trust temperatures stabilize, and in the next few weeks should not go lower.


Velvet Bud Seedsman seguimiento led


Velvet Bud Seedsman strain review


Velvet Bud grow report led


I am watering every 3 days.

  • First: Water EC 0.4 + 0.2 Bloom
  • Second: Water EC 0.4 + 0.4 Bloom


Velvet Bud Seedsman flowering led pics


 Velvet Blue


velvet bud deficiency calcium


Visual check


 Velvet Bud grow led review



Velvet Bud feminises seeds strain review



Velvet Bud Seedsman flowering led trichomes



IMG_3848 Velvet Bud seguimiento led deficiencia calcio



IMG_3835 Velvet Bud



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I see you next week
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