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Sweet Tooth Auto Seedsman.



Welcome to the latest update of this reporting Sweet Tooth Auto, which analyze the% of cannabinoids, production and tasting notes, odor and taste from my point of view.

We begin with a summary of the whole crop this great video made by our Web Master       Trich-world.

After 10 days of drying, the flowers have lost much moisture and are ready to be cured.


Curing do in case of red pine, dense wood which allows little moisture left on the buds slowly will disappear and got even drying of our flowers.


In this case remain flowers around two months, after which time our harvest is ready to consume and store in airtight glass jars.




Hard buds and charged with abundant resin.



3 months after harvest, came the awaited day of the tasting.

Before the tasting we analyze the Mini cannabinoid test kit THC and CBD of Alpha-Cat, with which you can make up to 8 analysis of our samples of cannabis. A simple system that we know approximately the power of our flowers, for medicinal use.

TX-CAT-01TX-CAT-02TX-CAT-03TX-CAT-04TX-CAT-05TX-CAT-06The cannabinoid test results were:




THC – around 9%

CBD – under 1% 


Sweet, flowery.


Sweet, hash.


Happy and relaxing.


3 plants in pots of 3.5L Feltpot – 76gr

For a variety autoflowering I have been surprised and very pleased, aroma and taste of their ancestors, simple, fast and productive crop. What more could you ask for an autoflowering?

That’s all, I hope you have enjoyed this report and grow enjoyed. If you have any questions about any part of this crop, do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for reading.

Health and good smoke !!!


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