Sugar Haze Seedsman winter grow led week 10

Sugar Haze Seedsman winter grow led week 10


Sugar Haze Seedsman growing best sativa strain


Welcome to week 10 of Sugar Haze Seedsman winter grow led 200w journal. Temperatures continue to limit dangerous and although it is not for plants, it is for roots, working in container that they do not have protection from depth of soil outdoors. Which can cause some problems in assimilation of nutrients, although this gene, again shows high resistance to adverse situations. Humidity has also increased these days, led by low temperatures and morning fog in the area. Solution to this problem can read below along with the temperatures.


Sugar Haze Seedsman cultivando sativa regular


Sugar Haze grow journal


Sugar Haze Seedsman winter grow led week 10


Even with the cold pressing around, this great predominantly sativa genetics still standing showcasing the best of it. With added complications in their difference in stature but with great views in all phenos, the highest plant continuous showing problems, EC output is slightly higher, 1.7, possibly has reached its limit, this week received only irrigation water 0.4. I also considered the cold possibility cause of its high EC. Sisters have 1.2 pheno medium and 1.4 small. Their size is bigger and should eat like the others. Besides, she began to show problems with the onset of cold, who knows. Otherwise, girls are beautiful, good Regular genetic, good texture and good resistance to cold.


Sugar Haze Seedsman cannabis grow report led


Sugar Haze Seedsman grow led review


Sugar Haze Seedsman grow review led


Temperatures: 13-23C° and 34-74%
As I said, low temperatures and high humidity. If the cold was dangerous, accompanied by moisture it is the worst. So I used a portable air conditioner with dehumidifier mode. This type of portable to work, they have a heating vent at high power (150mm) when working on the cooling or dehumidifying modes. Thus, with only half an hour, managed to increase 5 Cº and lower humidity to 40% (twice, turning on and turning off the lights). In this way the minimum has not dropped below 16 (used the last three days)


Sugar Haze strain ingo genetics


Sugar Haze strain info genetics


Sugar Haze Seedsman


I am watering every 3 days.
Water EC 0.4 + *0.2 Bloom (*large pheno, only water)
Water EC 0.4 + 0.4 Bloom (*large pheno, only water)
Out EC meausring:
1.7 Large pheno
1.3 Little pheno


 Sugar Haze trichomes production


Sugar Haze macro trichomes sativa regular


African Buzz trichomes macro pic


Visual Check


Sugar Haze Seedsman grow led



Sugar Haze seedsman marijuana grow report led




Sugar Haze Seedsman growing marijuana sativa weedporn



Sugar Haze buds macro flowering pics


Sugar Haze Seedsman trichomes bud macro



Sugar Haze Seedsman marijuana grow report led



Sugar Haze Seedsman seguimiento led



African Buzz flowering macro pic




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