Stages of a trichome


Stages of a trichome



In this guide we will talk about the different stages of a trichome, knowing this you can choose the best time to harvest our marijuana plants…

When you purchase cannabis seeds, you usually have information about flowering times, but you must keep in mind that times are guidance only.
So the best thing you can do is abide with the trichomes.

The trichomes start out clear stage..


Clear trichomes, the different stages of a trichome

Milky state, the heads of the trichomes have reached maturity, containing within its appreciated and medicinal resin..

Milky trichome, the different stages of a trichome

and finally they begin to degrade become amber.

amber trichomes, the different stages of a trichome

After trying with different percentages, I set my best moment for harvest .. This does not mean they are absolute percentages for all plants or people, some plants, especially the sativas require a higher percentage of amber trichomes.

With this in mind, I like to harvest with 85/90% of milky trichomes or
when there are 5% of amber trichomes…

Here are a few example of trichomes asking to be harvested

Milky trichomes, stages of a trichome

different stages of a trichome

Milky trichomes, stages of a trichome

To see the trichomes, it is best to use a portable microscope 600x 100x increase

We reached the end of this miniguide for different stages of a trichome.

I wish you a happy harvest medicinal

Good smoke… 😉


5 thoughts on “Stages of a trichome

  1. Robert Allen

    Very good, I feel empowered, the information I read tonight has better informed me. Now I know what to do as a medical marijuana grower. Trichrome understanding can make or break a successful growing. I would love to be a forerunner in this industry. One Day. I will know in two more weeks whether or not my hard work will pay off. I am three weeks into flowering, and the indica plant is 5’10 and approximately 5’1/2 round, huge and budding big time. The skunk is beginning to permeate without interruption and now I looking for the weight, size, and crystalization and trichome development. I will keep you all posted. If I am a continued success here, I will transition to indoor growing in November.

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