Skunk#1 Auto. Week 2

Skunk#1 Auto Seedsman. Week 2

A week in Trichome -world, to show the development of this new auto-flowering variety of hand Seedsman seed bank. Strains of Skunk # 1 is being developed with great vigor and strength. I had problems until I stabilized the parameters of temperature and humidity in the optimal range. Let’s see how they are.

January 22 – Day 8

500ml/plant full irrigation, organic fertilizer growth+ root stimulator.

January 25 – Day 11

Temperature and humidity stable 22-25 ° C and 80-90 %.


They begin to develop 3 knot.

The sherds Feltpot combined with the substrate LIGHT MIX Peat Moss do their function and root development is wild.


January 26 – Day 12


Irrigation water + root stimulator. 400ml/plant.

January 28 – Day 14

Finish the 2nd week of growth, we will see how is each of the plants.



SKUNK#1 – #1

SKUNK#1 – #2

SKUNK#1 – #3

SKUNK#1 – #4

SKUNK#1 – #5

That’s all this week , see you in the next . WEEK 3


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