Skunk 1 Auto. Week 5

Skunk 1 Auto. Week 5

This week Skunk 1 Auto has been crucial in the development of our Plants have reached double its height , have developed long and strong lateral branches , in addition to begin forming the main flowering tops. The temperature remains 20ºC- 24ºC and humidity ranging between 30% -50%.

Skunk 1 Auto


Feb 14 – DAY 31

Leaf application of metabolic bio-stimulator, to increase the development of flowers.

Feb 15 – DAY 32

Irrigation 500ml/plant . We apply 1ml/L of growth fertilizer and 1ml/L of bloom fertilizer.

Choosing to end the test specimens and the weekly summary photographic goodbye until next week .

Skunk 1 Auto


Feb 16 – DAY 33

Filling pots with substrate Light Mix PEAT MOSS + humus and irrigation only water 900ml/plant.

Feb 18 – DAY 35

Watering with a low dose of liquid fertilizer, growth fertilizer and increased the dose to 3ml/L of bloom fertilizer.


See you in Week 6Top Bloom . Don’t miss it!!


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