Shark Shock CBD Dinafem Grow Report Week 3 – 4

Shark Shock CBD Dinafem

Grow Report Week 3 – 4


Welcome to this new posting of grow report we are doing in Trichome World, after a few weeks of inactivity for travel and problems unrelated, return to the fray with this post in which we collect what happened in weeks 3 and 4 of our growing of Shark Shock CBD Dinafem.


In the first weeks the development was quite slow due to high temperatures, once stabilized this parameter in the indoor, plants are being developed very rapidly and with great vigor. While still growing in height node after node, we can see how the branches begin their development.



DAY 24 – WATER + growth fertilizer 1ml / L (500 ml / plant)

DAY 27 – WATER (500ml / plant)

Apply foliar flowering stimulator.

Shark Shock CBD #1


Shark Shock CBD #2


Shark Shock CBD #3


Shark Shock CBD #4


Shark Shock CBD #5


After this fourth week of growth is the time to change to 12/12 photoperiod to induce flowering plants. Therefore next week we started flowering.


DAY 29 – WATER (500ml / plant)

DAY 32 – WATER + growth fertilizer 1ml / L (500 ml / plant)


Plants have developed enough and have taken the appropriate height to make the change of photoperiod, considering that once the light regime change duplicated and some plants even triple their height. If you do not want our indoor become a jungle, we will bring many problems, right now is perfect.


Shark Shock CBD #1 – 24 cm


Shark Shock CBD #2 – 29 cm


Shark Shock CBD #3 – 22 cm


Shark Shock CBD #4 – 31 cm


Shark Shock CBD #5 – 27 cm

Thanks for your visit and see you in Week 5.


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