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Shark Shock CBD Dinafem Grow HARVEST - Trichome World

Shark Shock CBD Dinafem Grow HARVEST

Shark Shock CBD Dinafem



Welcome to last post os this grow report we have done in TrichomeWorld to this variety of Cannabis Dinafem. We will an overview of the crop, instruments used and environmental conditions, so that plants can get yourself how are you in your indoor.

Equip to grow.

  • Indoor 1,20 x 1,20 Hortitec.
  • 600w HPS SunMaster Photonic Dual Spectrum.
  • Balastro digital 600w Nanolux.
  • Reflector Adjust-a-wings
  • 2 Intractor 100.
  • Extractor 125 Max fun.
  • Filtro de carbono Prima Klima. Coco Eco Filter.
  • 2 ventiladores de 3 velocidades.
  • 1 Humidificador.
  • Tiestos FELTPOT de 3,5L y 6,5L.
  • Sustrato y fertilizantes orgánicos específicos para Cannabis.
  • Medidores de temperatura/humedad, Ec y Ph.
  • Aire acondicionado en sala de cultivo.

Summary crop

We started this growreport with 5 feminized seeds of the variety Shark Shock CBD of the famous spanish bank Dinafem. After hydrating the seeds and pass them on to wet wipes, in 36 hours we get 5 seeds to germinate successfully.

The seeds are passed substrate in pots geotextile felt FELTPOT of 3.5L, where growth made smoothly over the next four weeks, a little slow development by high temperatures at the beginning of the crop, we remind you that this cultivation was carried out during the summer.
In the fifth week of crop, day 35 from germination of seeds, changed to 12/12 photoperiod to induce flowering, select the 3 copies that we liked best for the development of the report, transplanted to pots and put 6.5L the ballast butt to give the maximum to our plants. Days pass while the plants are still growing and developing their flower clusters.
In the information provided to us the seed bank, Shark Shock CBD Dinafem  is a Indica variety 80%, with rapid and lush flowering characteristics that we have seen week after week in this spectacular track. 60 days we have needed for these plants develop their full potential and any of the copies could have harvested a few days before the date, so it is a variety with a fast flowering, according to its rapid development has been feeding, we applied fertilizer week to week 100% organic.


As you can see in the images of this week its growth and flowering have been homogeneous, observing their colas can distinguish different phenotypes, but all with very similar structure and organoleptic properties.

As we have done throughout grow report, now will an individual review of each issue.




Start flowering size: 24 cm

Final flowering size: 78 cm


This plant has a large central cola and an acceptable branch with flowers hard, compact and very resinous Of the 3 plants that have grown this variety is the most aromatic of all, intense scent with citrus and spicy notes.


Production within the average of other plants that have cultivated and all with a weight similar dry, hovering around 30 grams of resin and compact buds.





Start flowering size: 31 cm

Final flowering size: 85 cm


the same structure as above, in the pictures we can see how its branches bend under the weight of their flowers. TX-13-SS09 TX-13-SS10

Its pistils are a dark orange color. TX-13-SS11

The smell of this plant also has overtones of orange citrus and spices, but it is a herbal and fresh smell.





Start flowering size: 27 cm

Final flowering size: 85 cm


In all we see that the central cola has gleaned a bit and we could not get a uniform and spectacular central tail like those of their ancestors (the white family)
Its long branches have been overcome by the weight of the buds. TX-13-SS04

Similar to S.Shock #1 but less intense smell. TX-13-SS05 TX-13-SS06

Total production has been 86GR with 3 copies, with 15 copies within 1m2 culture, can be achieved without great efforts 430gr. aromatic and resinous buds.

Simple cultivated strain for anyone who needs to fill your larder good flowers. We recommend their medical use for any time of day lacking psychoactive effect.

Shark Shock CBD is a medicinal variety, its ratio is 1: 1, 6% THC: CBD 6%. Variety of soft punch, no brain, its effect is concentrated on physical, effective relaxation before insonmio, anxiety, muscle aches and loss of appetite.

Its flavor when smoked is citrus with hints of orange and spicy, flavorful touches, dense smoke, surprising the most demanding palates.


We hope you enjoyed this grow report we have done with great enthusiasm, effort and setbacks, agradacemos the cooperation of our sponsors who have helped make this work possible and personally thank Trich-World, the creator and developer of this great project that is TrichomeWorld for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to work with him side by side, one of the best growers and photographers, serious I know in the world of cannabis nationwide. Thank you.
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Thanks for your visit.


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