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Raja Ram - Tip Records - Trichome World

Raja Ram – Tip Records


Raja Ram

Raja Ram


Raja Ram (born Ronald Rothfield, 18 December 1941) is an Australian-born musician and the owner of the United Kingdom record label Tip World. Ram left Australia in the 1950s to begin the hippie trail. He returned to Australia later and studied flute at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Ram travelled to New York in 1965 to study jazz. He was a founding member of the psychedelic rock band, Quintessence, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, playing at the first two Glastonbury Festivals (then ‘fayres’) in 1970 and 1971.
Shortly after, Ram retired for personal reasons and became a used car salesman. In the 1980s, he returned to his music career being interested in the emerging genre of electronic music. He was one of the first people to make what is today considered psychedelic trance.
Ram formed TIP Records in 1994 with Graham Wood and Ian St. Paul. It soon became one of the most well-known goa trance labels. After the label folded in 1998 Ram then founded Tip World in 1999.
He collaborated with Simon Posford on the Shpongle and The Mystery of the Yeti projects and is a founder of 1200 Micrograms. He often plays the flute on ambient tracks.
Ram is married to Nita Devi, with whom he has a daughter named Sastra. He also has a granddaughter named Bella.


 Raja Ram Discography

Raja Ram – Stash Bag Vol. 3

01. Lucas – Intro [00:00]
02. 1200 Micrograms – High Paradise [00:32]
03. Eskimo – The Popcorn [07:16]
04. Dizzy Mind – Back Up [13:57]
05. Hypersonic – Every Single Sound [18:35]
06. Alien Vs The Cat – Space Jam [24:44]
07. Melicia – Grip [26:55]
08. 1200 Micrograms – Hashish [31:20]
09. GMS – Tudo Mundo [33:00]
10. DNA – Sushu The Fox [39:02]
11. Nibiru – Paranoid [44:00]
12. Dino Psaras – Thanks For Calling [49:41]
13. Skazi – Smells Like Homus Spirit (Vs. 40%) [52:09]
14. 1200 Micrograms – Speed Of Light [56:16]
15. GMS – Goa [59:47]


Raja Ram – Stash Bag vol.4

1.Lucas & Raja Ram – Intro
2.Out Here We’re Stoned (Shpongle Remix) X-Dream
3.Wild Paranormal Attack
4.Techno Widow (GMS Remix) Astrix
5.Phenomena 40%
6.Funky Diablo Terraformers
7.Music DNA
8.Greece (Save The Robot Remix) 1200 Micrograms
9.Magic Garden (Analogic – Cyrus_The_Virus_Remix) Shanti
10.Kreek Part 2 Space Cat
11.Fear & Smoking PARASYSTEM
12.Mescaline (Astrix Remix) 1200 Micrograms
13.Dances Between Worlds 1200 Micrograms
14.Electro Panic (Psycraft Remix) Infected Mushroom & Yahel
15.The Bomb Electric Universe
16.Zuma Hypersonic
17.The_Serpent BulletProof
18.Round & Round GMS
19.Syncopated Music Dino Psaras
20.Music In You Wrecked_Machines
21.Speaking Robot (GMS Remix) Talamasca
22.Dynamo Megamix (Mixed By Lucas & Raja Ram) Lucas And Raja Ram
23.Mayans 1200 Micrograms
24.Rock Into The Future 1200 Micrograms
25.High Paradise Revisited 1200 Micrograms
26.Lord Of The Rings GMS
27.Promotheus – Outro Prometheus


Raja Ram – The Godfather

1 Raj* & Lucas* Introduction [00:00]
2 Brad Sucks Border Line (PsyCraft Remix) [00:52]
3 Psycho Tronic Love Commando & Chicago F.R.E.A.K. O.U.T.! [07:06]
4 Gataka Blast From The Past [12:11]
5 Xerox & Passenger Science Is God (Ultra Voice Remix) [13:57]
6 Astrix & Delirious Day Dream (Delirious Remix) [19:34]
7 Astrix Oranda XI (Xerox & Illumination Remix) [22:52]
8 X-Noize Anjuna Beach [26:10]
9 Astrix Feat. Michele Adamson Closer To Heaven [28:10]
10 Sesto Sento Follow Me (Remix) [33:32]
11 E-Jekt High Robot [36:11]
12 Melicia Come And Get Me [41:46]
13 DNA (5) Final Fantasy [43:18]
14 Hypersonic (2) The Beginning Of A Story [44:43]
15 Alien Project & Raj* Groovy [46:16]
16 Dali (2) Colors Band (Astrix Remix) [47:46]
17 Sub6 Feat. MC Jah-Natan The Clash [53:02]
18 Astral Projection Open Society [53:57]
19 Gataka How To Create A Monster [60:09]
20 Mindelight La Grange [66:21]


Alien Project vs Raja Ram
Heineken Sundance Eilat – 2003


Raja Ram Pipedreams


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