Purple Bud Seedsman grow indoor led week 7

Purple Bud Seedsman grow indoor led week 7


Welcome to seventh week of this Purple Bud Seedsman grow indoor led 200w. With all three plants in bloom and the week 6 forgotten, columnar structure of this regular genetic continuous unchanged in all of them, but with different heights in one of them. Show great beauty and deep green color will undoubtedly have the character and strength, they are lovely.. with the cold about to break, this genetic promises good color.


Purple Bud Seedsman grow led week 7


Purple Bud Seedsman strain info genetics


Purple Bud Seedsman grow indoor led week 7


Also, comment that my problem with the LED panel is not going to be solved (the manufacturer does not replace individual parts, I send the full panel assuming shipping costs and lost weeks, something unthinkable for a modular panel assembly, which is used to grow plants, which can not do without the full panel for X weeks, without words, shameful response after 10 days) you know, the brand Sonlight means having problems, lose money and waste time.

The temperatures. 21Cº – 26 C ° and 49% – 61%

I am watering every 3 days. Water EC 0.4, + 0.2 Bloom (Little plant only one time with bloom)


Purple Bud growing regular strain indoor led


Visual check


Purple Bud flowering pics week 7



Purple Bud macro flowering pic


Purple Bud growing indoor led



Purple Bud seguimiento led semana 7


Purple Bud Seedsman grow led review



Purple Bud Seedsman cannabis flowering pics


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