Power Africa Seedsman marijuana review week 1

Power Africa Seedsman

marijuana review week 1


Welcome to Power Africa Seedsman marijuana review with Led 200w. This week has gone smoothly, plants grow with good effect in the plastic cups until end of week. The roots developed in just 11 days of life are willing to be transplanted into containers of 2L. At the moment I’m happy with what I see, closely watching you can see that going to be good producers of trichomes.

Power Africa Seedsman marijuana roots week 1


Power Africa Seedsman weed strain review led


The weather this week has been with temperatures of 27-32 C ° and humidity 60-75%, maximum power humidifier, exhaust and ventilation at minimum power. 18/6 photoperiod
During the week they have received 4 irrigation water EC 0.4, two of them with 0.5 ml booster for roots.
Take a look


Power Africa Seedsman marijuana grow review week 1



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I see you in the first week
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