Power Africa Seedsman indoor led harvest

Power Africa Seedsman indoor led harvest


Power africa Seedsman weedporn bud


Welcome to Power Africa Seedsman indoor led harvest grown with Led 200w. Very hard growth for this great genetic.


Power Africa strain review


Looking back, they changed to 12/12 in the third week and showed the first flowers between weeks 6 and 7, from seed. The three were cut between weeks 15 and 16 with a maximum difference of 10 days. Total 8/9 weeks of flowering. With hard and low temperatures from week 9. And anecdotal problems during week 5.


Power africa Seedsman grow led

Power africa Seedsman grow led

Power Africa Seedsman growing indoor led

 Power Africa bud harvest

 Power Africa floracion led cosecha

 Power Africa Seedsman strain info genetics


1 Lite Pots


 Power Africa Seedsman harvest

Power africa seedsman growing indoor led

Power Africa seedsman info tips grow led

Power Africa seedsman info tips grow led


However this feminized cannabis strain has been shown to have a very delicate roots, both pH fluctuations, as the root cold, but only in containers of 6 liters, because in 1 liter containers are not affected. Anyway, in both formats, with or without problems, the buds obtained are of high quality, hard as stones, and rich in trichomes, fruity, citrus. Sticky. Perhaps some plant would need another week but I already goes well, by the% of milky / amber trichomes, the cut is acceptable.


 Power Africa Seedsman trichomes macro

Power Africa Seedsman foto tricomas cogollo


Power Africa Seedsman trichomes zoom


Some visible seeds in some plant, pollen comes from one of the two sativa plants that have shown some bananas in recent weeks (1 Purple Bud and 1 Sugar Haze) certainly I think that the stress from the cold has been the cause. As they were after the last big drop in temperatures in Week 11 PB plant, and week 12 SH plant (only more sativa phenos).


Power africa seedsman feminised seeds

Power africa Seedsman macro shot flowering seed


If this is what they can offer in the toughest conditions, I can not imagine the result in an optimized growth without many limitations.

Come to the visual spectacle .


Power africa seedsman strain info genetics


 Power africa seedsman grow led harvest pics


Power africa seedsman grow indoor led pics

 Power Africa Seedsman grow led


Power Africa bud info harvest


Power Africa strain info genetics grow led


Power africa indoor  harvest


Power Africa feminised seeds review


 power africa  Seedsman grow report led


 Power Africa Seedsman



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Power Africa cannabis grow journl led

Power Africa Seedsman buds macro



 Power africa Seedsman 1 liter pot


Power Africa Seedsman shot macro bud


 Power africa seedsman grow led



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