Original Skunk Seedsman Week 2

Original Skunk Seedsman Week 2

Welcome to the second week of the Original Skunk Seedsman. All plants are growing well, but a little slow compared to regular genetic growing with them.



0.4 EC Water


One of our main weapons against pests is cleaning, so we keep completely clean and disinfected our indoor.
Finally we celebrated with a family photo

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IMG_8549 2

Original Skunk #1 Seedsman week 2


0.4 EC Water


No matter the container used, Excellent vitality as expected this genetic

Original Skunk Seedsman Week 2

As already imagined, the twins, lacking the apical bud, are growing up with two main branches. That has to be much slower than her sisters.


Water EC 0.4 + 0.2 root stimulator 

At 22:00 the lights are turned off for 24 hours, to make the change of photoperiod to 12/12

This has been all about this excellent genetics, of medicinal cannabis

I see you in the third week,

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