Original Skunk fem Seedsman Week 11


Original Skunk fem Seedsman Week 11


Welcome to week number 11 of this report grow. The 4 plants continue their flowering under 200w LED panel. With an identical structure and a very mystical scent. The resin impregnates all of the flowers.


Original Skunk fem Seedsman Week 11 grow journal


Right now I’m also surprised by the high EC has thrown in the drain pot 6L, another disgruntled over as the substrate, it should be light without nutrients. So I do not understand, transplants, showed 2.0 EC in the outgoing water irrigated after 15 days, having watered with just water + 0.4 EC 0.1 root stimulator.

This week, the EC is maintained at about 1.6 and 0.7 6L pot in 2L (in the latter risks this week are all water with EC 0.4 + 0.2 A & B fert + 0.2 PK)
Come to the visual review.



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