Original Skunk 1 Seedsman week 9


Original Skunk 1 Seedsman week 9


Welcome to Week 9 of the Original Skunk 1 Seedsman.

The 4 plants are putting beautiful, with flowers that look like filled pralines. The resin begins to cover much of the adjacent leaves. Certainly a bloom which promises spectacular. To be LED and no space between the plants think it is going pretty well.



Measuring the EC for the first time after transplant with Peat Moss Light, we obtained between 1.6 and 1.9 EC’s

For now, we are seeing expected of this great feminized strain, however, to be surrounded by regular strains, they have more time sexing, maybe it’s too early to draw conclusions from their first flowers with LED (remember that this is my first crop with LED technology), but yes, I have a very good feeling.


Original Skunk 1 Seedsman week 9


Visual review




Original Skunk 1 fem Seedsman


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