Original Afghani Regular Seedsman Week 8


Original Afghani Regular Seedsman Week 8


Welcome to Week 8 of the Original Afghani Regular Seedsman

As I said last week, we have rethought the flowering 6L doing transplant, and subsequent selection of 3 elected. The reason is to avoid two potential problems in the final weeks of this crop. High humidity by a large number of plants and lack of light (beginning to think that for my growbox, need another LED panel more, but this is what I have).

So with this gene, we have 5 females, of which would not exclude any, until you see your first flowers.

For this strain, I will draw the maximum EC, growing at 1.8.

This week I have not measured the EC of irrigated after transplantation to 6 L with Peat Moss Light (zero nutrients) maintain a strict diet: Make 2 irrigations with water, and make the following irrigation with root stimulator, during the first 10 days. Always with a little water.

Certainly, I have good impressions for this strain. My feeling is very positive. I like the demeanor
Let’s see them



See you in the next week
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