Original Afghani Regular Seedsman Week 1

Original Afghani Regular Seedsman Week 1


Welcome to the first week of the Original Afghani Regular Seedsman. Let us remember that these regular seeds germination took place during 9 days to have the first pair of true leaves.
During that period, only received water EC 0.4 + 1 ml root stimulator / liter of water (watered only 1)​​.
Plants grow very well.


Wednesday July 23

Transplanted 9 seedlings cannabis to their containers, which were 4 in 2L, 4 in 1.5L and 1 in 1 liter. To see where transplanted each, I observed the roots and chose sizes, as had developed more or less roots.
All are set in Substrate Peat Moss Light TusrbasyCocos.com with Humus 20% and slightly watered with water EC 0.4 + root stimulator 1ml / liter of water


Thursday 25th

Watering thoroughly with water EC 0.4 +, EC 0.2 Grow Fertilizer


Sunday 27th

slightly Watering with water EC 0.4




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