Northern Soul Seedsman Week 9

Northern Soul Seedsman


The Northern Soul Seedsman in its ninth week of life and fifth with photoperiod to 12/12, continue sweating resin .. The smell invades the entire room as the resin fills all the flowers tremendous scene for the 5 senses



IMG_6568 (2)

Legions of trichomes invade every corner pure beauty..


IMGP0052 (2)


Images better than words

December 27, 2013 Day 33 to 12/12


Modified by CombineZP

IMG_6580 (2)


December 29, 2013 Day 35 to 12/12



IMGP0062 (2)

IMGP0055 (2)


That’s it for week nine .. I see you on the 10th .. thanks for the visit..



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