Northern Soul Seedsman Week 11


Northern Soul Seedsman


The Northern Soul Seedsman have reached 11 weeks. They are great resin queens Authentic producers trichomes


Northern Soul Seedsman grow report


they can enjoy any passionate of these microscopic lollypops..


Northern Soul Seedsman grow review


If to this we add that its flowering time is about 9 to 10 weeks (Seedsman Info).. We are in week 7, since the change in photoperiod to 12/12 .. This is not over, these beauties have much to talk .. 


IMGP0114 (2)


Its smell every day is  more deeper..  awesome cannabis seeds..


calendar weekly EN



January 10-11, 2014..  Day 48-49 to 12/12



IMGP0138 (2)



IMGP0110 (2)


That’s all, see you in the next week

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