Northern Soul Seedsman HARVEST

Northern Soul Seedsman


The Northern Soul Seedsman reached the end of cycle ..
Week 14 (10 flowering) were his last days ..
Its beauty is extraordinary ..


Northern Soul Seedsman grow report seeds


An impressive genetics, easy to grow and great rewards in the form of crystals ..


Northern Soul grow review Seedsman


Definitely a great job of breeding ..


Northern Soul trichome stage Seedsman grow


The predominantly low-rise is also a great asset for growing indoor .. measures before and after flowering ..

1: 23 cm -> 76 cm
2: 20 cm -> 77cm
3: 22cm -> 83 cm


Northern Soul

Northern Soul macro Seedsman

Northern Soul macro Seedsman


And this is all on the crop of this strain of medicinal cannabis, but remember that this grow report ends with the analysis of samples and tasting notes, but this is well within 2 months … thanks for your visit


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