Northern Soul 1 Week

 Northern Soul

The first week of the 10 Northern Soul (Seedsman) Has elapsed without anything remarkable

In this first week, we have decided to keep the 10  plantlet with the following structure:

  • on 1Liter pots (the fastest at the stage germination)
  • 3 in mini pot (possible substitutes), in this first week will compete with her ​​5 sisters  for a place in the Test..
  • 2 in mini container shared with 3 other genetic (proof of vitality and survival) for the first few weeks..  same container = Identical conditions

calendar weekly2

As of Thursday 31th, the sprouts of cannabis, were with only 150W CFL
Thereafter, the setting for the first few weeks will be the following


The photoperiod is 24 hours ON
Temperatures range between 27 C ° 70% (night) and 32 C º 55% (day)


Soft watered..

first full watered

Northern Soul macro

Full watered with root stimulant.. This day we focus on 5  1Liter pots and one possible susbtitute.. The other two have already been discarded and removed from the room.

Northern Soul Seedsman seguimiento
These were the first days of life … I see you in the 2nd week ..


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