Nemesis Seedsman HARVEST

Nemesis Seedsman HARVEST


The Nemesis Seedsman harvest on 10th week of flowering .. it’s time to harvest their precious flowers ..



Nemesis Seedsman grow report HARVEST


Its buds are dense and hard .. accumulating lots of resin


IMGP0080 (2)


There is a great work behind these seeds. Though your crop requires special care, the reward is very pleasant .. that’s what I offer these cannabis seeds


IMGP0099 (2)


I’m looking forward to the weeks go try your high range.

Before the grand finale, I’ll give measures of the beginning and end of flowering.

Issue 1: 23 cm –> 84 cm
copy 2: 19 cm -> 94 cm
Issue 3: 20 cm –> 82 cm


Modified by CombineZP

IMGP0087 (2)



And this is all on the crop of this strain of medicinal cannabis, but remember that this grow report ends with the analysis of samples and tasting notes, but this is well within 2 months … thanks for your visit


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