Narkush Seedsman week 4


Narkush Seedsman week 4


Welcome to the fourth week of the regular strain Narkush Seedsman, second to 12/12.

Currently I still have the problem of high humidity.
With light we have between 60 and 70% at temperatures of 23-29Cº
This is due to the high density of plants, a small growbox is not the place to do great sexed regular seed. It’s small and I must be thoroughly until after discarding. Then we’ll have a much more optimized environment for flowering.

This week we have not seen sexes, I’m happy how they behave in such a crowded environment. I am happy with the development in their respective container sizes. 

The outgoing EC in irrigated has been between 1.3 and 1.8 (Target 1.6)

Let’s review visually.

2 Liter pots


IMG_8958 2

Narkush Seedsman week 4

IMG_8954 2

Narkush regular Seedsman

IMG_8960 2

Narkush regular Seedsman grow report

IMG_8964 2

Narkush regular Seedsman grow journal


1.5 Liter pots


IMG_8966 2

Narkush regular Seedsman strain review

IMG_8968 2

Narkush regular Seedsman seguimiento

IMG_8970 2

Narkush regular Seedsman


 1 Liter pots


IMG_8972 2

IMG_8973 2

IMG_8974 2

IMG_8975 2

I hope you liked it 
See you in Week 5




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