Narkush Seedsman regular germination

Narkush Seedsman regular germination

Narkush Seedsman regular germination

For germination, I will use 10 seeds Narkush Regular Seedsman.

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Friday 11 July 16:00

Put cannabis seeds in a glass of water 6 Ph / EC 0.4 to 1 ml of oxygenated water per liter of water.

 Narkush Seedsman regular grow report

Saturday 12 July 16:00

After 24 hours in water .. all seeds were hydrated and submerged


 Narkush Seedsman regular grow review

I put the seeds between two damp napkins

germ seeds


Sunday, July 13 16:00
All seeds have developed good roots to be placed in plastic cups, Substrate Peat Moss Light, washed with water EC 0.4.

 Narkush Seedsman regular

 Narkush Seedsman


Tuesday 15 July

Ten seeds have sprouted. These seeds show great vitality and speed of germination.

 Narkush Seedsman grow journal

 Narkush Seedsman strain review

Sunday 20 July

Ten seeds medical cannabis are under 200w LED Panel


 Narkush Seedsman germination

Germination test: 10/10

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