Narkush regular strain Seedsman Week 11


Narkush regular strain Seedsman Week 11


Welcome to number 11 this week Grow report. This week, the most advanced plant stem was damaged by an oversight, although the plant has recovered, its large size and have the stem bent 90 degrees, forcing me to not move for several days.


Narkush regular strain Seedsman Week 11


Right now I’m also surprised by the high EC has thrown in the drain pot 6L, another disgruntled over as the substrate, it should be light without nutrients. So I do not understand, transplants, showed 2.0 EC in the outgoing water irrigated after 15 days, having watered with just water + 0.4 EC 0.1 root stimulator.

For this gene the three containers have been 6L advantage that came far behind.

This week, the EC is maintained around 1.7 on 6L pots and 0.9 in 2L pot (in the latter, waterings this week are all with water EC 0.4 + 0.2 A & B fert + 0.2 PK)
Come to the visual review.


2L pot



6L pot



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