Narkush Regular Seedsman week 5


Narkush Regular Seedsman week 5


Welcome to week 5 (3 to 12/12) of Narkush Regular Seedsman

Currently we have 1 male and 1 female confirmed. They seem to be slow to decide.


Narkush Regular Seedsman week 5


To be honest, in this week, I imagined to have all sexed crop, and made ​​many discards, for males, but that has not happened. Forcing sexing with only 14 days of life, remains a major handicap for the sexing, delayed one week what is usually normal. So there are still plants of various strains to decide their sex. We still have a growbox still congested.



For all this, and thinking that the result of females will be quite high, I’ll rethink transplants to 6L. So I decided, to make flowering in formats 2L and 1.5 liters. I’m just going to transplant, sizes 1L, they will go at 1.5 and 2L

Health of plants, look good, to the expectation of sexing them.

The EC in irrigated output varied between 1.1 and 1.6 throughout the week. The Peat Moss Light Substrate has completely exhausted premix humus, so most irrigation water EC is 0.4 + 0.4 EC (A + B liquid fertilizer Peat Moss Experience)


IMG_8489 2


Revision of plants sorted by sex.




Narkush Reg Seedsman grow journal


Narkush Regular Seedsman grow report





Narkush Reg Seedsman





See you in Week 6
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