Mazari Seedsman winter grow led week 10

Mazari Seedsman winter grow led week 10



Mazari Seedsman growing pics


Welcome to the 10th week of Mazari Seedsman winter grow led 200w. Temperatures continue to dangerous limit, not for plants, but is for roots working in container, they do not have the protection of the depth of soil on outdoor. What could be causing some problems in assimilation of nutrients. Humidity has also increased these days, favored by low temperatures and morning fog in the area. Solution to this problem can read further down along with temperatures.

Three plants are beautiful with white balls pistils adorned with purple colors in leaf stems. EC in soil is between 1.3 (slower plant), and 1.5 his two sisters (measured at the end of week). No signs of over-fertilization.


Mazari marijuana grow report led


IMG_4249 Mazari Seedsman cannabis grow journal led


Mazari Seedsman grow led weed strain review


Temperatures: 13-23C ° and 34-74%
As I said, low temperatures and high humidity. If the cold was dangerous, accompanied by moisture it is the worst. So I used the portable air conditioner, dehumidifier mode. This type of portable devices to work, they have a heating vent at high power (150mm) when working on the cooling or dehumidifying modes. Thus, with only half an hour, managed to increase 5 Cº and lower the humidity to 40% (twice, turning on and turning off the lights). In this way the minimum has not dropped below 16 (used the last three days)


Mazari Seedsman grow led review


Mazari Seedsman cannabis grow report


Mazari Seedsman growing strain info genetics


I am watering every 3 days.
Water EC 0.4 + 0.4 Bloom
Water EC 0.4 + 0.4 Bloom


Mazari Seedsman marijuana grow report led


IMG_4261 Mazari Seedsman growing indoor led


Mazari Seedsman cannabis strain info genetic


Visual check


Mazar strain review led



Mazari Seedsman strain info genetics grow review



Mazar cannabis trichomes macro pic



Mazari Seedsman cannabis grow journal led week 10



Mazari growing indoor led



Mazari Seedsman trichomes macro fruity smell



Mazari seguimiento led



Mazari Seedsman cannabis flower macro



Cannabis pistils macro Mazari strain


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