Mazari Seedsman cannabis grow journal led week 12

Mazari Seedsman cannabis grow journal led week 12


 Mazari Seedsman trichomes macro


Welcome to Week 12 of Mazari Seedsman cannabis grow journal led 200w led panel. The cold continuous hitting, minimum temperatures freeze thermometers, at -5 C ° in the street. In the tent low peaks it has also been noticed. 9 Cº, coldest day did not exceed 17 C °. To make matters worse, this week has dead my old compact camera, used for macro photos of textures and trichomes. Luckily for this gene, and had made these photos. And although it is another blow to my fucking personal situation, I finally was able to get a “cheap” substitute, I put quotes because for me,  now there is nothing cheap, live on the edge and any extra expense breaks my pocket. At least for  next week, you’re going to be able to enjoy renewed macros .. Even as cheapest model of store greatly improves pictures, you’ll like it. On the other hand focusing on this femised cannabis strain, temperatures are slowing fattening buds, some begin to mature, flowers marked with purple tones that make it even more beautiful plants.


Mazari Seedsman grow led indoor winter cold temperature


Mazari Seedsman grow indoor led


Mazari Seedsman flowering cannabis macro


Mazari Seedsman seguimiento led cultivo invierno


In this update we will take a look at  grow box. From left to right, under fan are some discarded in 1 and 2 Liter pots (indirect light). Under first panel, the lowest of each gene. Second panel for sativa phenos, and third panel, slightly higher than the one panel.


IMG_5674 Grow report winter led 200w


Grow inter led trichome world cold temperatures


Cannabis grow journal led winter flowering


 Seedsman grow led regular vs feminised


Mazari Seedsman grow led


 Seedsman grow led regular vs feminised


Irrigation: every 3 days, measurements EC in substrate midweek
Plant 1 EC  substrate: 1.3
EC 0.4 water + 0.4 bloom
EC 0.4 + 0.4 water bloom
Plant 2 EC substrate: 1.3
EC 0.4 water + 0.4 bloom
EC 0.4 water + 0.4 bloom
Plant 3 substrate EC: 1.5
EC 0.4 water + 0.4 bloom
0.4 EC water


Mazari Seedsman floracion indoor led


Mazari Seedsman best macro trichomes


Visual check


Mazari Seedsman flowering indoor winter led



Mazari Seedsman seguimiento led autocultivo invierno


 Mazari Seedsman grow led



cannabis trichomes macro mazari



Mazari Seedsman feminised seeds



IMGP5768 Mazari



Mazari Seedsman flowering pics macro


Mazariflowering winter led



Mazari Seedsman growing tips winter


Finally, you can also visit the other five strains sharing experiences with this variety, these are:
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Purple Bud reg Seedsman
Sugar reg Haze Seedsman


I see you next week
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