Mama Mia Week 2


Mama Mia


The second week of the Mama Mia has been very hot .. This November is very unusual .. with high temperatures during the day .. so, I have been forced to raise the ventilation, this also has caused a drop in humidity ..
Also the humidifier has died, from Friday moisture is in tatters .. For the next week will be solved
otherwise the plants continue their good way ..


calendar weekly2


Portrait of five  Mama Mia


Impression shots of the room


Strain reviews Trichome World

CBD Critical Mass grow journal


Portrait & Macros

Mama Mia Seedsman strain review

Mama Mia Seedsman grow journal


Impression shot all 5 CBD Critical Mass


Mama Mia Seedsman strain review


This day also look a picture of the 2 we have to test for vitality and survival .. remember they are in a shared container with 3 other genetic.

Mama Mia Hard Test

For the next week will pass a test of drought (only shared container)


This completes the second week, I‘ll see you in the third.


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