Mama Mia Seedsman Tasting THC CBD TEST

Mama Mia Seedsman Tasting THC CBD TEST


Mama Mia Seedsman Tasting THC CBD TEST is the big finish of the entire process in growing this big medicinal cannabis strain.

First we will see a summary of the entire crop



12 days after harvesting, the flowers were dry and ready for the curing process in glass jars. Great look..


Modified by CombineZP

Mama Mia Seedsman macro trichomes dried bud


1 month later, when opening pot for the first timeemerges peppery perfume and spices


Mama Mia Seedsman Tasting THC/CBD TEST

IMGP0065 2


At 2 months, becomes irresistible to pinch the bud when I’m done taking pictures .. good taste, besides, when you separate the flower, pressing with your fingers (no grinder) you can see how it stronght .. bud dense
Mama Mia Seedsman grow report tasting



I must admit my great devotion to directly smoking polm hash in a small glass pipe .. is a great way to smell the resin in its purest scents, no additional process .. just polm hash, extracted dry with a pyramid bag  (those who come in washing to make Bubble hash)  it accentuates the spicy smell ..Its average load of THC, makes it perfect for smoking at any time of day. In short .. a good cannabis caviar to taste dry without additives and enjoy ..


Mama Mia Seedsman Tasting polm hash


At this point must be analyzed THC content of this great strain


Mama Mia Seedsman Tasting THC/CBD TEST


But first of all.. I want to Big thanks to Sébastian, Antonin and the wonderful team from Alpha-CAT its full cooperation to make the cannabinoid test specifically for us in our city. 
It’s been a great pleasure to have her experience and perfect knowledge of the product in order to develop an easy way to test the percentage of most important cannabinoids.


Alpha-CAT member working analysis test


This is the regular KIT, available for use by any user of medicinal cannabis .. for between 10 and 40 test ..


Alpha-CAT - Regular KIT Cannabinoid Analysis Test

Analysis SAMPLE

Mama Mia Alpha CAT Certificate

Modified by CombineZP


(larger, more odor)

Taste & smell Mama Mia Seedsman

Rated 1 to 5

Ease of culture: 1 Very Difficult 5 Very Easy

Strength to smoke it: 1 Too Loose 5 Very Strong

Flavor: 1 Very Poor 5 Very Good

Mama Mia Seedsman Rate Trichome World

Mama Mia Seedsman Harvest weight


I must admit I expected better data regarding the THC, in the tests I did two weeks ago at the 1st sample obtained a result of 15% and the 2nd sample was 11%
I reserve do more testing in future weeks

Anyway we talked about a strain of medium power .. suitable for all types of users and a great asset ..
With techniques such LST, and optimizing the crop can be achieved, great harvests, of this cannabis strain

That’s all .. I hope you enjoyed this report and grow enjoyed. If you have any questions about any part of this culture, do not hesitate to ask ..


Thank you for reading

I see you in the next report .. 😉



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