Jungle Wreck reg Seedsman week 6


Jungle Wreck reg Seedsman week 6


Welcome to Week 6 of the Jungle Wreck reg Seedsman

Currently, we have 2 well-identified females and 6 unsexed plants.

A very high genetic, very large plants, so being in small containers, come thirsty the next watered. To top it seems he does not like the high EC, so adjust the EC to 1.5 in next watering.

The EC throughout the week has been between 1.7 – 1.2

Now review all cannabis plantsmentioning the size of the container, and the EC of the substrate of the last watered.



1.2 EC / 2L pot


1.3 EC / 1.5L pot




1.7 EC / 1L


1.3 EC / 1.5L


1.5 EC / 1.5L


1.6 EC / 2L


1.6 EC / 2L


1.7 EC / 2L


See you in week 7
Enjoy the day


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