Jack Herer Seedsman Week 8

Jack Herer Seedsman Week 8

The Jack Herer Seedsman finish their flowering in his last weeks under lighting consisting of Adjust – Wings Medium Pro reflector with bulb of 600 W mixed and its Lumatek ballast with power regulator to 400W.

The cycle is 12 hours of daylight and darkness 12

We will use for this crop only biological products…

The Jack Herer Seedsman are blooming in pots Feltpot 6,5 L with substrate Peat Moss Experience Bloom Mix

We water them every 3 days only with rain water in his last weeks.

The crop parameters are as follows:

Minimum temperature is 20° and the maxim of 24,2º

Minimum humidity is 45% and the maximum of 50%

Here you have a portrait of the Jack Herer Seedsman that met 78 days from germination. They 57 days in bloom

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