Inducing early flowering outdoors


Inducing early flowering outdoors

inducing early flowering outdoors

In this guide we will speak about advanced flowering our medicinal cannabis on outdoor … or also called induced flowering outdoor..
For this system it is essential grown with pots not more than 11 liters Well, we’ll have to move, our marijuana plants every day to a dark room.

This is a great advantage to grow cannabis in outdoor, in this way, you can have two crops per year .. Or if your climate allows you, more … It can also help in humid climates, where bad weather can ruin the end of flowering… To prevent unwanted light from street lamps..

This technique is very easy, move the plants every day at the same times to dark room, .. You must be 12 hours in complete darkness .. This way you can start flowering when you want..

The cabinet or room, where we will keep the plants every day, should be a well-ventilated room, because we will have enclosed plants 12 hours straight … With poor ventilation in humid climates, may occur which we want to avoid ..
We also have to consider not open, ever, the lights during the dark period .. this could cause great stress to the plant ..

Emphasize once again the need to meet strict schedules to not stress to plants

Outdoor Induced Flowering plant

Outdoor Induced Flowering plant


14 thoughts on “Inducing early flowering outdoors

  1. Dillon Flaherty III

    I move mine into our standard backyard shed to induce flowering. Inside the shed they are covered up with black tarp. No light at all. Then daily I move them in and out on a 12/12 schedule. The shed has good ventelization. Just 3 plants about 16-18 inches in height. This works well for me, while the neighborhood kids are in school. Should harvest just about the week they get out of school. I’ve done this 2x’s before with pretty good results. The pots are 2 gallon size, any larger get to heavy to move easily. It’s just a personal consumption grow. Final 3 weeks I will take them indoors and finish with about 400 watts of cfl’s. Late May, I’ll start one or two more plants for an October harvest. The last grow yielded about 5.5 oz’s. I use a modified LST approach, not to high, in growth but spread out over 24 inches, or so.

    1. Michelle Levick

      What do you use for this”dark cover”. I have two plants outside, 90 days, too tall, very bushy, but, the height is above the balcony. Tried fimming, topping, still reaching. I see a few preflowers and want to hasten the flowering, a tent is too obvious. Thank you

      1. Trich-world Post author

        Hi Michelle.. few options, I imagine that you have no way to get the plants to a dark room really? is difficult to isolate the light without an enclosed compartment but also ventilated without attracting too much attention from outside eyes.

        Black tarp? storage box for gardens?

        Have you tried to do LST? Second pic is with LST for the same reason, height is above the balcony.. The LST does not damage the branches, you can force them every 3 days and always keep the same desired height.

        Good luck 😉

  2. Xerach

    Por problemas de contaminación lumínica tengo que forzar la floración. Es un poco engorroso cada dia y cada noche sacar y meter las plantas, pero avanzamos la cosecha un par de meses y es agradable cosechar en pleno mes de julio.

  3. Dingus

    i may use this outdoor this summer! I am planning on building a green house and using light deprivation to pull multiple harvests out of my short possible outdoor season. I’m not sure how I could make it easier on myself though. Moving a lot of plants indoors and out every day seems like a lot of work.

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