How to make Bubble Hash

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In this guide we will show you, step by step, how to make Bubble Hash .. I think the best way to take our medical cannabis, when we talk about concentrated ..

Do not use solvents, remember that these are damaging to our health and highly flammable ..

This does not mean that  I am against BHO, if you make a good purge

That said, let’s look how to make bubble hash ..

  • Only need water and ice cubes … this is free ..
  • Bags with specific micron .. I use 100 and 70 ..
  • Bucket  (manual) or washer machine (automatic)

We will be using a washing machine, but you can also use a bucket and a wooden spoon to remove

For this guide, how to make bubble hash, we used cannabis leaf trimmings … can be used, premium flower, for higher quality .. using crumbled..

Put the vegetable matter 2 hours in the freezer …
Place a bottle 5/8 Liters of water in the freezer (not freezing it, just cool)

How to make bubble hash

Put the vegetable matter, ice and water in the washing machine .. or bucket if your case..

Stir for 15 minutes … you can continue longer at the expense of quality ..

Filter the liquid with the bags.. first, 100 microns (for impurities) and then 70 microns (for hash).. placed “one after the other” without touching.. There are other measures that you can experience .. But these are crucial ..

After filtering, very carefully, we removed 100 micron bag, now with the help of a paper towel, we take the mesh of 75 microns, we press to drain the accumulated hash, we use several paper towels, until obtaining a solid piece …

We put the piece of bubble hash on a plate, grind with fingers .. Now with a metal spoon, pressed to continue pulling moisture .. after awhile, you’ll see that is becoming more and more sticky consistency …
It’s time to leave it until the next day …

After 1 day return to process … this time with more force … until desired texture .. store found in small pieces … In a few days will reach its best tasting ..

And with this we come to the end of this little guide .. How to make buble hash .. Thanks for reading … I see you in the next .. 😉


10 thoughts on “How to make Bubble Hash

  1. Hazy Haze

    DONT press on the screen, this is a surefire way to invite mold and other problems in to your hash, not to mention get your bags and screen covered in resin.

    GENTLY scrape the hash out of the micron bags and GENTLY place the puck of hash on a 25 micron screen to rest until ready to use a Sieve or Microplane; powder the hash through the sieve; allow to dry for a few days.

    DONT press it at all, leave it loose and store in a container. It can stay this way for years and years if properly dried; pressed bubble hash that is too wet can be worse for your health than BHO because of the mold spores that can grow there.

    Bubbleman would be rolling in his grave if he saw this!

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