Hash Passion Regular strain Seedsman week 11


Hash Passion Regular strain Seedsman week 11


Welcome to week number 11 of this report grow. The 3 copies continue to bloom with 200w LED panel. His big colas speak for themselves

At this time, I’m also surprised by the high EC, shedding drains in 6L pots, this has annoyed me, because the substrate, should be light without nutrients. So I do not understand, why the transplants, showed 2.0 EC in the outgoing water irrigated after 15 days irrigated only with water having EC 0.4 (1time) + 0.1 root stimulator (2times).

This week I return to rescue the information containers, to continue with this gene 2 in 2L pots, and another in 6L.

This week the EC stays around in 6L 1.6 and 0.7 in 2L (in the latter waterings this week are all water with EC 0.4 + 0.2 A & B fert + 0.2 PK)


Come to the visual review.


2L pot



6L pot



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