Hash Passion Regular Seedsman Week 8


Hash Passion Regular Seedsman Week 8


Welcome to Week 8 of the Hash Passion Regular Seedsman

As I said last week, we have rethought the bloom making the transplant to 6L. The reason is to avoid two potential problems in the final weeks of this crop. High humidity by a large number of plants and lack of light (beginning to think that for my growbox, need another LED panel more, but this is what I have).

So far, with this gene, we finish sexing with 6 females 9 germinated (2 follow unsexed). Of those who still do not exclude any right to see their first flowers.

This week I have not measured the EC of irrigated after transplantation to 6 L with Peat Moss Light (zero nutrients) maintain a strict diet: Make 2 irrigations with water, and make the following irrigation with root stimulator, during the first 10 days. Always with a little water.

So far, it seems a variety with a large percentage of females.

Lets see

See you in week 9

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