Hash Passion reg Seedsman week 3

Hash Passion reg Seedsman week 3

Welcome to the third week of the Hash Pasion reg Seedsman. This is the first week of flowering photoperiod 12 / 12h.

Stretching can be seen in the three types of containers (2L, 1.5L and 1L). All specimens show a columnar structure.

So far we know nothing about sex, will have to wait at least a week to start discarding.

The watered begin to be pretty crazy, different sizes is  hard work. So I’ll just comment on the EC average in irrigated output, which has been between 1.2 and 1.7.

Now I will explain my way to water to find the EC of the substrate. I always irrigated with a liter jug ​​and a water sprinkler 1L.

  1.  First moisten the top of the substrate with the spray.
  2. Then, I slowly emptied the jar into the substrate, just the middle, where the trunk is born this way, water will drain only when all the substrate is really wet.
  3. When this happens, I let drain about 100ml on a plate, bowl, etc. .. to measure with a digital EC meter. If the result does not seem satisfactory, EC very high or very low, back to drain other 100ml and again I measure if I ever get the same result, I apply a watered second corrective down with RO water to 0.1 or up the EC desired that watered.

Size 2 Liters

Hash Passion reg Seedsman week 3

Hash Passion regular Seedsman grow report

Hash Passion regular Seedsman

Size 1.5 Liter

Hash Passion regular Seedsman

Hash Passion regular Seedsman grow journal

Hash Passion regular Seedsman strain review

Hash Passion regular Seedsman seguimiento

Size 1 Liter


Hash Passion regular Seedsman diario de cultivo

Hash Passion regular Seedsman


And that’s it, I see you in week 4

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