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Girl Scout Cookies The Cali Connection



Welcome TrichomeWorld friend’s the last update of crop Girl Scout Cookies The Cali Connection, but isn’t forgetful to tasting notes and analysis of cannabinoids to be published in two months, after drying and curing of this cannabis variety that we have had the pleasure to test in TrichomeWorld (The Best Cannabis Strain Review).


Do a little summary of crop Girl Scout Cookies The Cali Connection

With a modest 120×120 indoor, lighting system 600w HPS, humidifier and ventilation carbon filter to reduce odors crop. Keeping the temperature with the A / A.

We start from 5 feminized seeds of the variety Girl Scout Cookies The Cali Connection provided by our sponsor Gorilla Seed Bank, which germinated 4 of 5. Once germinated the pots had a 1.5L geotextile felt Feltpot Geo Pot and a mixture of substrate LightMix Peat Moss Experience at a ratio of 80/20 in worm humus, nutrient contribution to this amazing Light substrate having excellent water retention capacity and drainage, thanks to its high quality products. Joined sherds felt about spectacular roots breads are created, so we got a bigger, stronger and therefore more productive plants. Throughout the crop we used organic fertilizer for growth and bloom.

At 20 days of growth we all copies bloom and select the top 3 copies of the transplanted 3.5L to Feltpot and after 10 weeks of bloom has come the long awaited moment for every grower, The Harvest.

The final size of the three specimens was this:

– Girl Scout Cookies #1 Start Bloom 21cm. Final Bloom 72cm.

– Girl Scout Cookies #2 Start Bloom 26cm. Final Bloom 73cm.

– Girl Scout Cookies #3 Start Bloom 27cm. Final Bloom 70cm.


It is the easy variety to grow, vigorous growth and flowering uncomplicated, compact buds covered with sticky and fragrant resin. None of them has formed a large central cola, excess copies in the growing area and stretched looking light branch has been poor, very long and weak branches caused by the same problem in optimal space can be obtained more branched and production copies. What was that production? I tell you in the last update.


Fire to joint and we will see the result of this crop.







After doing all week washing roots came the awaited moment of cutting.








After 20 days of drying under optimum conditions of temperature and humidity, collect flowers and had a wooden box ending the curing process.







That’s all. We see again in 2 months in Cata and analysis of cannabinoids.


Grow report  sponsored by GORILLA SEED BANK

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